15 Best Day Hikes in Canada for Outdoor Enthusiasts (2023)

In this article, we’ve mentioned 15 must-do day hikes in Canada that are best for every outdoor enthusiast. If you are an adventure lover, add these hikes in your bucket list.

The geography of Canada is very diversified, and as a result, it offers a number of the best day hikes in both North America and the entire world.

There are numerous breathtaking walks across the nation to check off your bucket list, from the beautiful mountains to the plains and islands.

There are many easy-to-moderate walks that are great for the entire household, as well as more challenging hikes that call for varied degrees of physical preparedness and technique.

No of the difficulty, Canada has some amazing day walks with breathtaking landscapes that you won’t soon forget. 

The greatest way to experience the best of Canada is to put on your hiking boots and explore since many of these beautiful locations can only be reached on foot.

We’ve selected some of the top day hikes in Canada you must absolutely check out on your next holiday, whether you have a week to spend completely immersed in nature or are just looking for a few hours of solitude.

Discover the best day hikes in Canada by reading on.

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Best Day Hikes in Canada for your next Adventure Trip

1. Lions Binkert Trail

Lions Binkert Trail

This 14-kilometer, fairly challenging hike begins near Lions Bay, close to West Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway.

The quickest method to get to this path is to drive there from downtown Vancouver, which takes around 30 minutes. 

You can park for free alongside Mountain Drive, a suburban area if you arrive early. If not, the excess lower down the slope will lengthen your hike.

The ascent along the logging road, which first resembles more of a woodland trail, is moderately steep at first.

  • Location: 50 Sunset Rd, Lions Bay, BC V0N 2E0, Canada
  • Length: 14 kilometers 

2. Emerald Lake Circuit Hike

Emerald Lake Circuit Hike

Many of Canada’s top day-walks may be found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which are a hiker’s delight.

The Emerald Lake Circuit trip is a great option if you want to hike somewhere with beautiful mountain scenery and a few other people. 

Emerald Lake can be highly crowded like the remainder of the Rockies, but you can mainly avoid the masses by going early in the morning or later in the day.

A max of two hours can be spent on the 5.3-kilometer circle of the Emerald Lake trek, which is very scenic and largely level.

So, take your time and schedule frequent pit stops to appreciate this place’s splendor.

  • Location: Yoho National Park
  • Length: 5.3 kilometers 

3. Garibaldi Lake Hike

Garibaldi Lake Hike

The Garibaldi Lake trek is a stunning path in Canada’s British Columbia’s Garibaldi National Park, which is situated halfway from Whistler and Vancouver.

It is a strenuous 18 km day trip with a 900m climb in height. 

The trail ascends for 9 kilometers, reaching the stunning Garibaldi Lake at an elevation of 1450 meters, from the beginning in the Rubble Creek parking lot.

Even if you walk alone, it is impossible that you would become lost because the path is well-maintained and clearly signposted with kilometer markers.

  • Location: southwestern British Columbia, Canada
  • Length: 18 kilometers 

4. Quarry Rock Hike

Quarry Rock Hike

Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, Vancouver, must be added to your bucket list if you’re looking for the top day hikes in Canada. One of the easiest day treks to access is within only a short drive from Downtown Vancouver. 

With only roughly 100 meters of altitude, the Quarry Rock hike is only 4.5 kilometers round trip. It typically takes two hours and is rated as an “Easy” trail online.

Although there are some difficult sections, the trail is generally simple. The track is clearly defined and simple to navigate.

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Length: 4.5 kilometers 

5. Lake Agnes Trail

Lake Agnes Trail

The well-known Lake Agnes Trail in Banff, Canada, is one of the top day-walks in Alberta, Canada. With good cause, it is among the most well-liked hikes in the park. It has a charming tea house and a beautiful lake. 

The 7.4-km hike has an altitude gain of 1,420 feet and is an out-and-back route. The trail is regarded as moderate. It is advised to arrive early because the trailhead is near Lake Louise Lake.

  • Location: Alberta, Canada 
  • Length: 7.4 kilometers 

6. Valley of the Five Lakes Hike

Valley of the Five Lakes Hike

One of the most beautiful and fantastic day treks in Canada to take the whole family on is the Valley of the Five Lakes Walk.

The low or medium-difficulty hike circles five lakes with waters that range in hue from turquoise to emerald green. 

The Long Loop is approximately 8 kilometers long and takes 3–4 hours to complete. You can completely circle First Lake, the biggest of the five lakes, using this trail.

  • Location: Alberta, Canada 
  • Length: 8 kilometers 

7. Wasootch Ridge Trail

Wasootch Ridge Trail

Wasootch Ridge is located just at the entrance to Kananaskis Country, one of the most breathtaking hiking destinations in the entire world.

Wasootch Ridge is one of my favorite hikes since you spend the majority of your time going along the mountain’s ridge rather than through a forest. 

You can enjoy breathtaking amazing views all the up to the top in this manner. There aren’t many walks that offer the 360-degree vistas of Kanaskis and the Alberta Prairies that you get on this one.

  • Location: Kananaskis, AB T0L 1K0, Canada
  • Length: 15.4 kilometers

8. Plain of Six Glaciers Trail

Plain of Six Glaciers Trail

With its vivid turquoise lake and Victoria Glacier in the distance, Lake Louise is one of the most magnificent places on earth.

You may go on a lot of treks in the surrounding area to view the best of the Canadian Rockies’ natural beauty.

With its stunning lake and glacier views, the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail is among the top day walks in Canada. 

A treat is stopping at the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse for lunch or tea midway through your journey.

The trek is 14.6 km long and has a 460 m rise, making it of intermediate difficulty. The hike should take you five hours to complete.

  • Location: Improvement District No. 9, AB, Canada
  • Length: 14.6 kilometers 

9. Nokomis Trail

Nokomis Trail

Incredible hiking routes may be found all across Lake Superior Provincial Park. Nokomis Trail is one of the most well-liked hiking trails, yet you can’t go wrong with any option. 

The 4.5-kilometer trail has a moderate degree of difficulty. Hikers usually finish it in 2 hours or less.

The viewpoint platforms offer breathtaking views of Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior, and the lovely woodland.

  • Location: Algoma, Ontario, Canada
  • Length: 4.5 kilometers 

10. Webster Falls Hike

Webster Falls Hike

Webster Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Southern Ontario that can be seen when hiking around it.

It is situated all along Niagara Escarpment in the Hamilton region. Inside the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area is Webster Falls. 

Families can spend the day here on one of the many hiking trails or at one of the picnic areas.

Given that it is in a conservation area that has been well-maintained, the hike all around the area is quite low-intensity. This makes it the ideal family day trip loaded with nature!

  • Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Length: 3 kilometers 

11. Bruce Trail

Bruce Trail

The park, which is situated in Tobermory along the Niagara Escarpment, is known for its amazing limestone cliffs and stunningly clear waterways. The park provides some of Canada’s top day treks. 

The Bruce Trail, which spans more than 890 kilometers, is the longest route in Ontario. It extends all the way through into the park from the Niagara River.

There are several different hiking trails in the park, many of which are fantastic for day treks.

  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Length: 890 kilometers 

12. Inglis Falls Trail

Inglis Falls Trail

Inglis Falls is the most stunning waterfall you can see close to Owen Sound. The Inglis Falls Conservation Area contains it.

Around 7 kilometers of hiking paths, day-use sites, and an interesting history are available in the area. 

Due to the flat terrain and excellent route maintenance, the hike is low-intensity. The Bruce Trail is also connected to trails in this region!

  • Location: near Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
  • Length: 7 kilometers 

13. La Roche Trail

La Roche Trail

In any list of the best day treks in Canada, Mont Tremblant National Park must be included.

The park’s more than 1500 square kilometers are filled with breathtaking scenery, unspoiled landscapes, and wild creatures. 

La Roche is among the most prominent hikes. This is an out-and-back track that is about 5 kilometers long. The moderately difficult trek will take about 2 hours to finish.

  • Location: Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
  • Length: 5 kilometers 

14. Alexander Murray Hiking Trail

Alexander Murray Hiking Trail

The Alexander Murray Trail in King’s Point, just outside of Springdale, is among the best day treks in Canada to take.

One of the top activities in Central Newfoundland is this one. Sir Alexander Murray, who created the first topographical map of Newfoundland, is honored by having the path bear his name. 

Although the hike is only 8 kilometers long, it is difficult because it is almost all uphill and requires a lot of stair climbing.

It has 2200 stairs total, 2200 up and 2200 down. The hike should take you three hours in total, including breaks.

  • Location: near King’s Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Length: 8 kilometers

15. King’s Throne

King’s Throne

Go to the Yukon in northern Canada if you like to go on unusual, beautiful walks but don’t want to deal with crowds of people.

The region is home to an abundance of animals, including bears, moose, caribou, and bison, as well as unspoiled natural beauty. 

The King’s Throne, a stunning trek about 2.5 hours from Whitehorse, is the most popular day hike.

The ‘Seat’ of the throne is a 10-kilometer round-trip climb that takes 4-6 hours, or the top is a 16-kilometer round-trip hike (8-10 hours).

  • Location: Yukon, Canada
  • Length: 10 kilometers

Conclusion – Best Day Hikes in Canada

It’s no secret that Canada has some fairly amazing landscapes, including imposing mountains, clean lakes, and woods chock-full of tall trees. In other words, the best day hikes in Canada that we’ve selected above are ones you won’t want to miss. 

While some wonderful locations are accessible by car, many of Canada’s top locations can only be reached on foot.

With this list of the best day hikes in Canada, you’ll find a path that’s perfect for you, whether you like short, easy hikes or are up for a challenge.

FAQs – Best Day Hikes in Canada

1. Which are very popular tourist attractions in Canada?

Niagara Falls, Whistler, Quebec City, Influence, St. John’s, Tofino, Churchill, and Old Montreal are some of the very popular tourist attractions in Canada.

2. What are the best places to visit in Canada with your family?

Vancouver, Prince Edward Island, Whistler, Banff, Ottawa, and Toronto are the best places to visit in Canada with your family.

3. What are the best places to visit in Canada for couples?

Port Rexton, Newfoundland and Labrador, Tofino on Vancouver Island, Ontario, and Waterton Lakes, Alberta are the best places to visit in Canada for couples.

4. Can you hike in Canada in winter?

Some of the most breathtaking hiking paths in the world can be found in Canada, where you can don snowshoes or hiking boots to enjoy views of snow-covered mountains, crisp evergreens, and pure, fresh air.

5. Is Canada good for hiking?

One of the finest ways to enjoy nature while receiving a good workout while also time is to hike across Canada’s untamed landscape. You’ll be treated to picturesque sights along the way because there are so many spectacular mountain ranges, woods, and freshwater lakes.

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